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Progressive Streaming

Progressive streaming

Even without an RTMP server you can still benefit from the features offered by OSMF Edge Media Player which include four scale modes.

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See your Music come to Life

The player comes with a colorful audio spectrum activated with the music mode along with the same features of the video player.

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Create your Playlist

With OSMF Edge Media Player you can easily create your own playlists and let the user enjoy the whole experience without lifting a finger.

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Video Delivery Methods

videoOSMF Edge Media Player supports different kind of delivery methods including Progressive Download, RTMP Dynamic Streaming, YouTube HD and others.

Share your Sound

videoYou can use the same player also for your personal soundtracks! An awesome audio spectrum will show up and keep all the same functions and features.

Extended features

videoMonetize your videos with preroll and postroll advertising! Keep track of everything with Tubemogul or Gtrack for detailed analytics with complete metadata.