OSMF Edge Media Player

Embrace the power of Open Source Media Framework

What is Open Source Media Framework?

osmfOSMF is an open software framework for building robust, feature-rich video players and applications based on the Adobe® Flash® Platform.

OSMF reduces the complexity of player development, allowing the developer more time to focus on the overall user experience. OSMF’s flexible architecture allows the developer to easily customize their player for the browser, incorporating plug-ins for advertising, reporting, and content delivery along with standard player features such as play/pause, seek, volume/mute, download progress, buffering, and bitrate switching.

The media framework is designed to reduce costs associated with developing players in-house. With a best-in-class code base built on open standards and supported development best practices by leading players, OSMF decreases time to initial deployment with out-of-the-box support for multiple media types, including video, audio, images, and SWF files.


Up to date

OSMF Edge Media Player uses version 1.6 of the framework and benefits from the newest features available yet. It has been designed to be easily updated in incoming versions since all libraries are packed inside an external module.


Mobile Friendly

Being reliable on mobile devices is today a must, this media player is no less. It works flawlessly on iPhone and iPad with proper HTML5 fallback for all kind of media. Your clients won't miss anything.


Your Content

If you're going to showcase your Videos, Audio tracks, YouTube Videos or even Live Streaming OSMF Edge Media Player supports it all. It is ready to play pretty much any kind of media!


Flash at its finest

Despite the recent hardships, Flash is still a valuable resource on the web. OSMF Edge Media Player was crafted with dedition and consciousness, following the best development practices.