OSMF Edge Media Player

Embrace the power of Open Source Media Framework

What you can do with it

OSMF Edge Media Player is the first player on ActiveDen based on the robust Open Source Media Framework which grants out of the box support for multiple media types, including video, audio, images, and SWF files. It is an all-in-one solution for your streaming needs and is ready to be deployed to any kind of project.

Audio & Video

Support is provided for FLV, F4V, MOV, MP4, M4V, MP3, AAC files and H.264 encoded videos.

You can also feed HD YouTube videos, RTMP Dynamic Streams and even Live Streams.

Dynamic Streaming

By using F4M Manifest files you can feed the same video at different bitrates allowing your media player to automatically detect and switch the streaming quality.


Built-in support for Preroll and Postroll Ads is provided out of the box.

You can populate directly the XML Playlist or feed a VAST2 XML file.

Stage Video

The latest version of OSMF brought Stage Video support. It allows hardware acceleration for high-performance video playback.

You can benefit from faster H.264 decoding and a much smoother experience.

Audio Spectrum

Why using a simple cover if you can bring your music to life?

Thanks to the built-in audio spectrum you can now watch your audio tracks in a colorful animated wave.


The player has an internal playlist which can be configured to be played automatically, shuffled or looped.

You can summon the playlist once the video has finished too.

Detailed Analytics

With GTrack Google Analytics or TubeMogul InPlay Analytics you can get a highly detailed report of your broadcasted videos.

Infact both plugins are supported inside OSMF Edge Media Player.

Social Sharing

In the the top toolbar there are sharing buttons for both facebook and twitter which allows your clients to share the page with just one click.

Of course you can also disable them if you wish to do so.

4 Scale Modes

The whole video area can be adjusted in four scale modes: Letterbox, Zoom, Stretch and None.

These settings can be made in both the xml setup as also in the clients toolbar.